Design Consulting

We have experience developing original IP as well as working with licensed and/or franchise IP, from Titan Quest to the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six series. Having worked on just about every platform (handhelds, consoles, PC’s, mobile) and at just about every scale (casual games to MMO’s), we can help identify problems and provide concrete solutions.

Objective Analysis

  • SWOT evaluations
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Triage and prioritizing issues

IP Development

  • Back story, world design, faction design
  •  Conflict arcs, campaign pacing, serializing content
  • Franchise planning, creating transmedia opportunities

Concept Development

  • Matching gameplay to thematics and vice-versa
  • Pitch preparation/vetting

Systems Design

  • Reinforcing core loops, player agency
  • Layering for extended engagement
  • Monetization systems

Content Design

  • Pacing analysis
  • Continuity checking
  • Event infrastructure and deployment

Best Practices

  • Establishing documentation to execution pipelines
  • Toolchain analysis and design
  • Integrating collaborative design approaches
  • Usability and playability testing


  • Designing readable data pipelines
  • Retention and monetization optimization

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Better Realities are brought to you by Michael Fitch, an 18-year veteran of game development and publishing. Having served in a variety of leadership roles (Studio Manager, Executive Producer, Director of Creative Management, Design Director) for some of the world's top companies (Magic Leap, Gameloft, Tencent, THQ, Ubisoft) on titles ranging from small social games to monstrously huge MMO's and experiments in Mixed Reality, Michael has been at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment for almost two decades now.