Better Realities are what fundamentally draw us as players to games, readers to books, and watchers to movies and television.  In the magic circle of the creative work, we can experience worlds that are different from our own: clearer, more resonant, more intelligible.  What keeps this engagement from being pure escapism, though, is our ability to take those experiences, lessons learned, and insights back into our confused, chaotic, and over-saturated "real" world and enrich the experience of living both for ourselves and for others.   At Better Realities, we are committed to empowering creative people to do their best possible work.


Better Realities are brought to you by Michael Fitch, an 18-year veteran of game development and publishing. Having served in a variety of leadership roles (Studio Manager, Executive Producer, Director of Creative Management, Design Director) for some of the world's top companies (Magic Leap, Gameloft, Tencent, THQ, Ubisoft) on titles ranging from small social games to monstrously huge MMO's and experiments in Mixed Reality, Michael has been at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment for almost two decades now.

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