Production Consulting

Production is the connective tissue between knowing what you’re trying to make and actually turning that vision into a reality. Having worked with over a dozen teams, on a variety of scales of projects, we know how to prioritize, identify dependencies, and make the work flow as smoothly as possible for the team.

Objective Analysis

  • Making sure your production plans/processes are realistic
  • Identifying weak spots and future needs
  • Avoiding crunch and other destructive processes


  • Creating milestones/release plans
  • Hybridizing traditional and agile methodologies
  • Staffing plan forecasting
  • Optimizing workflows

Pipeline Development and Refinement

  • Identifying and removing dependencies
  • Integrating pipeline production with agile development (Lean/Kanban)
  • Tracking pipeline maturity and development needs

Risk Mitigation

  • Identifying and documenting risks from all phases of development and operations
  • Developing risk tolerance profiles and mitigation plans
  • Generating consensus and buy-in from all stakeholders

Operations and Live Services

  • Structuring and supporting a live team
  • Release management and crisis response
  • Community management and player relations

Leadership Coaching

  • Surfacing and resolving internal leadership issues
  • Defining, establishing, and reinforcing culture within the team/studio
  • Setting up training/mentoring/career development paths

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Better Realities are brought to you by Michael Fitch, an 18-year veteran of game development and publishing. Having served in a variety of leadership roles (Studio Manager, Executive Producer, Director of Creative Management, Design Director) for some of the world's top companies (Magic Leap, Gameloft, Tencent, THQ, Ubisoft) on titles ranging from small social games to monstrously huge MMO's and experiments in Mixed Reality, Michael has been at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment for almost two decades now.